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We take pride in the work we do, and our clients have expressed their feelings and pictures about our work, here. 

Please take a moment and read through:

"Words can't express our feelings! What we got is a much more better than what we were expecting. The Black Diamond team put in extra hours each day, just to ensure that we got the best service we could for our money. Our neighbor also got them to do a some beautiful work at their's. We're really glad we selected Black Diamond for the service, and will be sure to introduce the team at all family and friend gatherings.", "Please feel free to share the attached picture on your website."

Marianna from Rosedale, T.O. - May 21/2013

"Thank you Sina for your excellent service. We are really enjoying our new deck and fence, and really think the higher price you charge vs other companies has really paid off."

Murray from North York - May 18/2013 

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Black Diamond Renovations was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. My wife and I really love the new flooring and windows in my basement, and ofcourse the beautiful black staircase. Keep up the good work!”

Charlie from Markham - March 18/2013 

"I had my kitchen redone by Black Diamond. They were very professional and timely. Showed up on time every day and listened to all of my concerns and requests. They made picking materials a breeze and I am very happy with the final result of the project. I would definitely use them again on my next renovation project!"

Anna from Richmond Hill - January 6/2013

"Need we say more. They went above and beyond and went that cliche "extra mile" all the time. Beautiful work. My husband is happily carrying their business cards as well as his own to give out where the appropriate opportunity arises, when someone brings up renovation of any sort.What more recommendation could any future client want?"

Hazel from Downtown Toronto - October 24/2012

"Black Diamond Renovations team have been successful at delivering exceptional workmanship, and service to our family for several years now. The team is professional, respectful and cooperative to our requests, and we could not have asked for a better company to provide us, and our family and friends with such great service. The new staircase they built us, and the flooring were done during the summer and look stunning."

Alexandra from Toronto - September 16/2012 

"Hi Sina, it was great having you over again! This time at our Richmond Hill house for the basement renovation. You and your team have really met all of our needs and requirements once again. My family and I are really happy to have selected you over other contractors, even though the pricing is a little high. The layout, new staircase, and the new fireplace are all more than we had expected. 

Thank you!"

Shaun from Richmond Hill - November 21/2012

"Dear Sina, it has now been over one year since you fixed the crack in our basement wall. Not a single drop has leaked through! We are confident in referring your team of professionals to anyone around. It's the least we can do to thank you for the exceptional work you and your team have done. You are extremely knowledgeable at identifying the problem."

Marina from Newmarket - December 11/2012 

" Hi Sina, fantastic work on the interior design and the room layout. We love the tile work, and the new fireplace. The kitchen is beautifully designed, and seamless in the installation. We would recommend your services to be used, and the extra cost involved with using your services is absolutely worth it! Keep up the great work!"

Jeff from Downtown Toronto - September 8/2011

"Sina, your creativity and approach to the design of our new bathroom is definitely one of a kind. We are really enjoying our new bathroom. It is a real masterpiece and we encourage you to use the picture your photographer took, on your website. Feel free to use this note in presenting our level of appreciation to your future clients. All the best!"

Susan from Stoufville - August 18/2011

"Black Diamond Renovations, formerly Sam's Handyman Services did an excellent job with our flooring request. As we were in a huge rush getting our floors done before our move in, the team was able to deliver on-time and on-schedule service to us. Sam walked us through the steps we had to take in order to ensure our subfloor was structurally sound and secure, and Sina took care of walking us through our flooring options. Excellent services at their supplier, too. We really enjoyed and appreciate the service we received in changing the carpet flooring in our new home to outstanding hardwood. Thank you."

Joe from Ajax - June 9/2011 

"High quality steps is what we were promised, highest quality is what we got! We even got them to interlock the front and back of our house. They had recently completed a project for a friend of ours in the Oak Ridges area, and for almost everyone on their street, and are now finished with our project! Fast service, but absolutely flawless! We think that Black Diamond Renovations will need to come back to our street for a few weeks as well, just provide similar services to our neighbors, too!

Helen from King City - August 9/2010

"Hi Sina! Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you and your team have done in our bathroom. The new room looks absolutely stunning, and we are more than willing to introduce you and your team to whoever would like any type of renovation in their home. Please pass on my regards to Sam, and feel free to use this note and the attached picture on your testimonials page."

Mary from Oakville - July 8/2010

"What an artistic view point! The service that Sina and his crew have provided us is unbeatable by any other company. At first we found the estimate to be a little pricey, but now we know that the price was perfectly right for the service we received! Our new interlock has the whole neighbourhood coming over, and asking for Sina's business cards! We really enjoy seeing them in the neighbourhood over and over again!"

Dianne from Oak Ridges - June 24/2010

Hi Sina, beautiful job on the bathroom tiles, and the rest of the installation Well designed, well installed. We are looking forward to having you over to take care of our basement renovation, in our Richmond Hill home."

Shaun From Toronto - June 12/2010

"We were introduced to Black Diamond Renovations through referral. Having met our landscaping needs and wants perfectly, we now refer them to everyone we know! Black Diamond Renovations is a real gem! Although more expensive than competing companies, we feel that we have really got more than our money's worth!"

Jennifer from Oakville - May 31/2010

"A true Black Diamond in my home! Sina's work is a true master piece. I don't think we could have had anyone else provide a better service. The faux painting, the beautiful flooring and the overall service we received, was really professional and met our needs perfectly. Sina really puts in his heart into what he does and we think that he is truly be "the" go to contractor for high quality work in the city of Toronto. We're really pleased we found Black Diamond Renovations and used their services. Look forward to upcoming introductions."

Sara from Bridle Path, Toronto - May 2/2010